Daily Podcasts – So Much Fluff

So I’ve recently previewed another daily “business” podcasts and the results we’re much like the other ones I’ve heard.

The average length of these podcasts is usually between 8 and 15 minutes. Each episode consisted of roughly:

  • 15-30 second episode intro
  • 30 second podcast intro (don’t get me started on these, makes me appreciate my 30 sec skip)
  • 30 sec ad
  • actual content – usually taking 2-3 times the amount it should take to address the topic.
  • Closing outro
  • Another 30 sec ad
  • 1-2 minute outro plugging own site.

So, in a 10 minute episode, 30% – 40% of the time is spent not addressing the intended topic. Multiple this by 5-7 days per week and it appears that the podcast is wasting lots of your time.

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