August Income Report – Best Month Ever?

Jumping right to the payoff – Best Month Ever??? Revenue – Yes, Net Income – No.

As expected during this time of year, my revenue jumped substantially from the previous month. This is due to the niche my main website, eBook, and apps are in.

My revenue for August was $687.63. This is a 174% increase from July’s revenue of $250.63. My revenue for August 2011 was $348.75.

Below is the breakdown of this month’s revenue:

  • iPhone Apps – $432.71 – 215 sales
  • Android Apps – $106.84 – 54 sales
  • Adsense – $99.36
  • eBook PDF – $37.64 – 4 sales
  • Kindle – $11.08 – 2 sales

Since apps accounted for 78% of my revenue, I guess I should start calling myself an app developer. The thing that continues to stand out to me is the # of sales for iOS vs Android. When I started with the app idea in early 2011, I decided to forgo the expense of joining the Apple ecosystem and focus on Android. Big mistake on my part. I’m still about $150 in the red with regards to Apple (MacMini, iPod, and developer’s license), however, the apps have only been available since June of this year.

My expenses for August totaled $476.07. However, this consisted of a few big ticket one time expenditures.

The major expense for the month was the purchase of two sites from MikeFromMaine. Seeing my revenue spiking in August, I decided it was time to give this a try. I paid $105 and $120 for the sites. Mike sells his sites at a 20x multiple of the most recent 30 day’s (or previous month’s) earnings. I had planned on writing a separate post on this experience, but knowing my post frequency and being realistic, that may never happen. So here’s some quick impressions.

The process was very quick and painless from my standpoint. The one thing I did not like is that to keep the domain transfer free and easy, I had to use GoDaddy. However, I think I only have to keep it with them for 90 days, then I can transfer to my Hover account. Mike provides some videos and step by step details of what needs to be done. I had to add the domains to my hosting plan and install WordPress. I also had to change the NameServers to point to my hosting account. Mike handled the installation of the websites on my hosting account through some script.

The sites he sells use CTR theme. I did not want to buy it so my version of the sites had a generic free theme. Mike provided the URLs so I could see the Ad layouts for each site prior to the transfer. I bought NicheWebsiteTheme back on March and had not used it yet. Once Mike completed the installation, I jumped in, added NicheWebsiteTheme and set it up using one of its preset ad layouts that closely matched the CTR theme layout.

I went with less expensive (lower earning) sites first for a few reasons. The main reason was looking at 5 of the 6 sites I created, my average cost was about $85. This included domain, articles, images, and some specific link building. Since I had been wanting to add a few more sites to my portfolio, it seemed like an almost no brainer to pay about a 35% more and get back a site earning about $5 month. I did not have to worry about any additional link building and waiting on the rankings. Thus far the earnings have been right on schedule (about $5).

Below is the complete breakdown of expenses for August (links are affiliate links):

  • Site Purchases – $224.40 (One time payment)
  • Google Adwords – $137.76
  • BackupBuddy – $60.00
  • SocialADR – $37.00 (One time fee to double my allowed submissions from 200 to 400)
  • SocialADR – $17.00 (monthly)
  • LinkAuthority – $10.44 (monthly)
  • Strayblogger – $9.37 (basic course, mainly purchased to see how Nate does his thing)
  • e-Junkie – $5.00 (monthly)
  • Unique Article Wizard – $5.00 (monthly)
  • PageOneInfilitrator – ($29.90) refund

Net Income

Despite my record revenue, I did not have my best net income month. For August, it was $211.56. However, considering the number of one time expenses made during the month. I think it should still count. My best months for net income have been Sept 2011 – $338.97 and Aug 2011 – $234.05. However, I want to classify August’s results is moot, because (spoiler alert) September is going to blow the roof off (relative to my historic income).

Additional Note:

I just found out this morning that my app was used in a commercial for a pretty large regional company. I’ve known for the last few months that it was possibly going to be used in a commercial, however, I did not have any other details. The app is only shown on the screen for about a second, but it’s the only app used and the theme of the commercial fits perfectly with the app. Pretty exciting stuff.

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