July 2011 Income Report

It’s been over a month since I last updated here. Though some of the time has been being lazy, the past 30 days has been pretty productive. I’m working on a few other posts for this month that will include a review of SE Cockpit and an update on my progress on finally aggressively back linking to my niche site (which was a huge success!). But since this post is an income report, here we go.

Second Net Loss Month in Row

Well, July came and went and the end result was from an income perspective was a loss of $21.86. However, it was also my highest revenue month of the year.

What?? You’re asking yourself. The reason for the loss was that I added another piece to my knowledge arsenal. This month’s purchase was Backlink Battleplan from Shane Melaugh (also of SE Cockpit). This investment in my business is close to paying for itself in just over a month. I’ll have write a full review in the future but for now the thumbnail review. It’s over 20 videos of step by step on how to get back links to your sites. It recently was updated. Shane provides free options for each step as well as recommendations on premium products. Having this structured checklist of what to do and when to do it has helped a procrastinator like me get down to business. At the time of this post it sells for $47 (I bought for $77).

July Revenues/Expenses

As mentioned above, July has been my highest revenue month this year. I finally sold a couple copies of my eBook and my android app sales have been consistent. Total revenue for the month was $61.14 (this is after paypal and google checkout fees).

  • eBook – $32.42
  • Android App – $23.68
  • Adsense – $5.02

On the expense side, I spent $83. The breakdown was:

What Worked Last Month

Several factors have contributed to induce some excitement. First, with my persistence with back linking to my niche site, the site has climbed to the 3rd result in Google for my main keyword. It was on about the 10th-15th page of Google prior to this campaign. Naturally, website traffic has picked as well. With my trial of SE Cockpit, I was able to find over 30 keywords that should be profitable in just a few hours. We’ll find out if I can make some money over the next few months as I work to build these sites as well (one is already under way).

I also updated my on page SEO which no doubt contributed to the rise in Google. This was the simplest least time consuming update.

What’s Ahead for August

Well, since it’s Aug 14th, it’s a little easier to “predict” what I’ll do. I’ve purchase 4 new domains and sited working one of the sites with another one probably starting today or tomorrow. I’ve tweaked my niche site a little. I plan to start (and finish) a second Android app. It’s the same framework as my first one, I just to switch out the information it references.

So far this month, app sales are above the usual pace as are adsense earnings. This is mainly due to the fact that my niche traffic picks up substantially in August and September.

Shameless Promotion Links

Many people say to get on the radar of people you admire is to post on their sites and have links on your site to their’s. So without further delay, here are some people that I follow on very consistent basis (as in I read everything they put out):

As with most lazy aspiring online mini moguls, I have about 10-20 other sites in my reader that get my attention occasionally.



2 Responses to July 2011 Income Report

  1. Thanks for the link and mention!

    You’ve got an awesome site going here and I can’t wait to see you reporting huge monthly income numbers. 🙂

    I wish you all the best with your projects!

    • Thanks for visiting Shane. I can’t thank you enough for Backlink Battleplan. The way you present the information focused on free options and the PDFs have been really helped me and my sites grow.

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