My First Video Post – Income Report for September, October, and November

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted. I’ve been kicking around of posting some videos instead of the usual post. Of course, cramming three months of income reports into one video wasn’t ideal as I ended up deleting some commentary to keep the video under 5 minutes.

September Income Report

Being unfamiliar with a few of the things used in the video (video capturing Powerpoint), I wasted about 5 hours today trying to the graphs from jittering on screen. Turns out, I had it 99% right last night and just needed one minor adjustment.

In the video, I use a few new toys I recently purchased (microphone, graphics tablet, and video capturing software). The learning curve on these also attributed to the time it took to produce.

Right now, I’m looking into getting some lights to make the videos better. This video was just using the room lighting.

Also, one final note. My first post on this site was 2/6/2011. When I brainstorming for domain name ideas, I kept coming back to Lazy Bastard Life. Mainly, because I would frequently tell people that I could achieve greatness if I weren’t such a lazy bastard. However, shooting the video and actually saying the URL out loud, I’m starting to not like the name so much. I do have another domain which I may use. Finally, I originally started posting my online journey under this URL back in December 2009 – Here’s a link to the post where I got my first comment. I was flying high for a couple weeks on that one.

So, let me know in the comments what you think about the video format. There’s much improvement to be made. But in order to practice, you have to practice. Also, I’m interested in your thoughts on my current domain choice.

One final note, I’m attending the NewMediaExpo in Las Vegas in few weeks. Anyone else going? I’m jacked to see Leo Laporte and Chris Hardwick deliver a keynote as well as see Pat Flynn in action.


4 Responses to My First Video Post – Income Report for September, October, and November

  1. Thanks for taking time to shoot the video! I like it! Congrats on your ios success! Do you mind saying names of your ios apps, I’d love to check them out?

  2. Hi Jason,
    Looking forward to NMX – going be great! Impressive app earnings for Nov. Your extra lighting will help but in general I thought the video was really good. The pace keeps you engaged and I like the zooming in and out effect. How did you do that? Quinn

    • Thanks for the compliment. The zooming in and out is pretty easy to do. You edit your video to get a final cut with the entire video being the zoomed out shot.

      If you editor has two or more video tracks, you put this final cut on two tracks. The one top will be the zoomed out shot. On the bottom track, you scale it up a bit and position it how you want it.

      Then you go through the video and split the top track and delete the sections where you want bottom track to be shown.

      I may try to do a video showing the process.

      Also, the zooming in and out allowed me to cut the video which means I didn’t have to do the full thing in one take.

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